References and Testimonials


Scott Anderson

Property owner for 30 years.

Craig Brown

Property owner for 19 years.

Sam Cochran

Property owner for 8 years.

Charles Rhodes

Property owner for 8 years.

If you would like to speak to one of these references, please contact our property manager for their current contact information.


“Ten years ago, we interviewed several property management companies for the long-term rental of our family home. Since we would be stationed overseas, we wanted a management company that would effectively screen tenants, make necessary repairs promptly, draft the lease, handle any landlord-tenant issues that may arise, and provide an end-of-the-year accounting. After being completely impressed with the level of professionalism, we signed on with a then smaller MECA Realty. After all these years and through various rental markets and clients, we have not ever regretted our decision to go with MECA, now the premier property management company in Charlotte. If you are a property owner, MECA will ensure that your property is protected by financially screening tenants and making necessary repairs. You won't have to worry.”
— Dave and Sharon Harden
“MECA has managed our rental property for over twenty years. Obviously for our relationship to have lasted that long, they must be doing it right. They have always handled any issues that have arisen with the property both promptly and professionally, saving myself and our tenant valuable time. I would recommend the professional services of MECA to anyone who needs assistance in managing their rental property.”
— Jay Connelly
“We have been represented by MECA Realty for over fifteen years. Their personnel, services, attention to detail, quick response in emergencies, integrity, and fine work make them the best in the area. We never hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.”
— The Schaffers