Maintenance Request

Emergency Maintenance

The following are considered emergencies. Tenants may call our office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (704) 333–5300. After hours or weekends please call the emergency line at (866) 315–2004 and a service technician will get back to you.

  • A sewer backup that overflows causing damage to property is an emergency. A sewer stoppage that does not overflow is not an emergency, if a second bathroom is available.
  • Flooding is an emergency and the tenant should seek a means to turn the water off to stop the damage until help arrives.
  • Damage caused by wind, storm, or fire is an emergency.
  • Lack of air conditioning is not an emergency unless the apartment residents are pregnant, elderly, ill or there are small children and the outside temperature is 80 degrees plus. Normal healthy residents will wait until normal working hours for the air conditioning to be restored.
  • Lack of heat is an emergency if the outside temperature is, or expected to drop below 55 degrees.
  • Evidence of smoke and/or fire is an emergency. Tenant should call the Fire department and then call the afterhours service.
  • A completely inoperable cook stove is an emergency unless the call is received after 5:00pm on Sunday. In that case, the tenant should wait until Monday morning.
  • A refrigerator that is completely out is not an emergency if it occurs after 5:00 PM on Sunday. The tenant should take normal precautions, such as not opening the refrigerator door or placing the food in a cooler or other container.
  • A hot water heater which is out is an emergency unless call received after 5:00 PM on Sunday. This is not considered an emergency if this is received during the week after normal business hours.
  • Any gas leak will be considered an emergency, immediately call the gas company at (704) 525.3882 to shut off the valve while a member of the maintenance staff is in route.
  • A broken or inoperable smoke detector is considered an emergency.
  • A break-in is an emergency, call the police immediately then call the office.