Association Property Management Services

  • Collections
  • Budget preparation
  • Financial reporting
  • Bill payment
  • Owner records management
  • Supervise and coordinate all necessary routine repairs and maintenance
  • Make or contract for maintenance, repairs, additions, and improvements or alterations to common areas
  • Regular on-site inspections of Association property to ascertain whether proper performance, maintenance, and care is being provided per association and industry standards
  • Receive service requests from owners concerning Association Property
  • Attendance at Board and member meetings
  • Delinquency follow up
  • Lien filing and releasing
  • Attorney liaison
  • Title transfer processing
  • CPA liaison
  • 24 hour/7 days a week emergency service
  • Coordinate and administer insurance claims on behalf of the Association
  • Support enforcement of the provisions in the Declaration, by-laws, and rules and regulations
  • Develop and implement a preventative maintenance schedule of Association assets
  • Supervise and coordinate the maintenance of a clean and aesthetic appearance of the common elements
  • Broadcast email “bulletins”
  • New member welcome packages and orientation
  • New Board member orientation and training
  • Preparation of Board and member meeting packets, and provide proper notice for such meetings to appropriate persons

Residential Property Management Services

Market Analysis

  • Analyze Comparable Market Rents
  • Determine Availability of Similar Space
  • Establish Market Concessions/Amenities
  • Compare Market Rents Annually, and Implement Increases in Rents Accordingly


  • Market All Current and Future Vacant Properties to Minimize Vacancy
  • Screen Prospective Residents
  • Complete Credit and Background Inquiries
  • Conduct Move In and Move Out Inspections
  • Pay Referral Fees to the Real Estate Community for Referring Tenants

Tenant Relations

  • Make Periodic Interior Inspections with Tenant and Report to Owner*
  • Establish Regular Communications with Residents
  • Process All Requests for Service
  • Inspect Leased Properties
  • Counsel Residents as Needed


  • Collect All Rents and Other Resident Charges
  • Maintain Accounts Receivable Ledgers
  • Escrow and Account for All Security Deposits and Disbursements
  • Process Evictions When Necessary


  • Coordinate and Supervise Repairs Through Homeowner Associations
  • Provide 24 Hour Repair Service
  • Shop Prices and Services Competitively
  • Inspect Repairs and Services Prior to Payment
  • Determine Tenant Charge Backs and Collect to Reduce Cost
  • Arrange Warranty Work
  • Ride Properties Periodically to Determine Condition and Care

Owner Accounting

  • Collect All Income and Pay All Expenses
  • Make Reoccurring Payments Such as Mortgages and Association Dues
  • Provide Monthly and Annual Operating Statements for Owners
  • Analyze Operating Results

Owner Relations

  • Maintain Regular Communications with Owners
  • Consult with Owners on Large Repairs and All Capital Improvements
  • Allow Owner's Input on Rates and Lease Terms
  • Publish Informative and Educational Monthly Newsletter
  • Counsel Owners on Insurance Matters

*Additional charge for this service only.